We all Love Movies! Especially the queer ones? We are blessed to live in a time and age where there are more Queer films than ever before. A lot has changed since the first lesbian-themed movie was released in 1931, Girls in Uniform. The truth is there are more lesbian and queer movies made every year! And there is an increasing amount of female, queer directors creating the films we deserve. It is better and more diverse, storylines where ‘being a lesbian’ is not the only story in the movie. Sure, the lesbian romance movies are adorable, but we need more thrillers, horrors, action films with Charlize Theron and sci-fi films. History can be rewritten through cinema, and we deserve to have it all! In today’s’ video, I will show you my favourite TOP 10 lesbian movies that you might have missed in 2018. I have included in this list some pretty amazing lesbian movies that will leave you wanting for more. — About this Channel and Lesbian Mojo Trying to create an ultimate sapphic destination for all our TOP 10 lesbian movies. This channel will focus on Top 10 lists of lesbian shows and lesbian movies, with their respective lesbian characters. Everything that brings visibility to our community. Each year brings more varied and inspiring lesbian films and queer content; one just has to know where to look. I will keep you informed with the best top 10 lists every week, from the latest queer tv shows to our beautiful vintage lesbians films. Occasionally, you will also find wlw biographies, lesbians news, bisexual cartoons, Lgbt superheroes and their beautiful, coming out stories. I plan to create top 10 lists on almost everything out there about lesbians, bisexual and queer women. I know you all love lesbian tiktoks and wlw tiktoks, so I will make sure to include those now and then. If you let me, I’ll be your trusted lesbian review. Finally, if you want to know more about the person behind this account, please find me on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: And, if you made it this far in the description, please do subscribe to LESBIAN MOJO and leave me a comment in the section below; I would love to hear from you, and I will always read and reply to those.. #LesbianMovies2018 #LesbianMovies #Top10 #BestLesbianMovies #wlw #BestMovies #LesbianMovies2020 #NewLesbianMovies #LesbianMovies2021 #LesbianNetflix #Netflix #Movies #QueerCinema #LesbianMovie #RachelWeisz #HollidayGrainger #AnnaPaquin #KristenSteward #TheHuntingOfBlyManor #VictoriaPedretti #AmeliaEve #LesbianTvShows #LesbianShows #NewLesbianShows #AlexShillington #LesbianMojo #wynonnaearp #theworldtocome #lesflicks