She: Their Love Story

Bua is a successful business woman who lives a perfect life. When diagnosed with incurable cancer, she turns her back on her husband and daughter to ease their pain and hide their destiny. In her self-imposed isolation, the only person Bua lets pass in her life is June, an undemanding but encouraging freelance photographer. At the end of her journey, Bua grants one last chance to discover the deep meaning of passionate love.

Da, a hard-headed columnist, sees her reputation go bad when her “perfect” boyfriend e-mails her raucous video to all of her work contacts. In order to escape shame, she immerses herself in work and agrees to write an article about the lesbian love life in Bangkok. Convince Be, a charming tomboy, to be your research topic. During the course of their investigation, their relationship becomes sexual, and Da begins to wonder if her feelings for Be could be true love.