Elise and Eryka Part 1 – The Tunnel S2 UK TV – A Lesbian Interest Love Story

Lesbian interest storyline featuring the love story between Elise and Eryka, a TV couple from a UK TV show called The Tunnel.

In these dramatic scenes Elise and Eryka are strangers who are brought together by the investigation of two cases one a plane crash and the other missing persons. Elise, a commander with the French police has a photographic memory and is on the autism spectrum. She doesn’t always pick up on normal social cues but has managed to develop a good working relationship with her colleague Karl from the British police. Eryka Klein a polyglot and research assistant for a human rights activist comes to their attention when it is discovered that she didn’t board the plane that crashed at the last minute. This episode sets the scene for the love story that is to come.

Elise and Eryka meet each other at around 6:00.

Starring Clémence Poésy as Elise and Laura de Boer as Eryka

Subtitles ======= Subtitles are available in English, Spanish (Español) and Portuguese captions in addition to the embedded subtitles where French is spoken.

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