WLW Couples First Kisses [PART 5]

This is a re upload due to all of my videos with SPOP in them being copyrighted and blocked. I removed most of the catradora kiss and added greta and riley’s first kiss! I am going to be rotating between reuploading blocked videos and making new videos 🙂 Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/wlwwhale List of wlw couples (feel free to add/edit): https://tinyurl.com/WLWList Intro/outro music: https://youtu.be/Bi1_Fgy0Q3o Couples in order of appearance: Raelle & Scylla – Motherland Fort Salem Casey & Izzie – Atypical Harley & Ivy – Harley Quinn Mia & Pauline – Little Fires Everywhere Greta & Riley – Genera+ion Adora & Catra – SPOP Sterling & April – Teenage Bounty Hunters Eve & Villanelle – Killing Eve Email: Whalewow2@gmail.com