Callie, Arizona & Lauren (Grey’s Anatomy) – Season 9, Episode 24 – Part 3

From: CalliopeRobbins

The storm is coming, and the damage might be irreversible. Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital is experiencing a power outage, and this pushes the doctors to be innovative in the ORs, the ER, and the NICU. Meredith goes into labor, but because her baby is coming out face first, she must have a C-section…in the dark. In the NICU, the parents must "bag" their babies because the oxygen machines' batteries are dying. The parents are essentially breathing for them. Cristina is called upon by Dr. Webber to save a man’s life; in order to locate the wound, she can only listen to the man’s heart. The make-shift lighting affects Cristina's ability to visually assess the patient accurately. Christina and Bailey's husband, who was assisting in that surgery, both tell Dr. Webber that he brings out greatness in other doctors. A bus gets flipped on its side, and all the doctors manning the ER rush out to rescue those on the bus while it's on fire. April breaks down when the bus explodes, thinking that Jackson died. Luckily for her, he and the little girl he found walk away with minor injuries; this creates doubt in April concerning whether or not she should keep her engagement to Matthew. Callie finds out about Arizona’s sexual encounter with Dr. Boswell, and tears, shouting, and blaming ensue. It all circled back to Arizona still being upset that Callie let her leg be amputated. Karev tells Jo, after some hesitation due to his past lovers, that he loves her. Cristina calls it off with Owen because she’s not willing to give him what he really wants, kids. Dr. Bailey couldn't make herself operate on a patient before because of her fears but she rushes to Meredith’s side when she finds out that Meredith has a major splenic bleed that was caused by her fall down the stairs. She saves Meredith’s life, and as a result, Meredith and Derek honor her by naming their son Bailey. Dr. Webber’s life ends up in jeopardy when he flips on the hospital’s generators; he was electrocuted because of the water on the floor.