Callie & Arizona (& Lauren) (Grey’s Anatomy) – Season 9, Episode 23 – Part 2

From: CalliopeRobbins

Season Finale Part One: As the super storm is only three days away from hitting Seattle, Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital prepares for the worst, while hoping for the best. Due to Jo's abusive retaliation, Jason ends up in the hospital and is treated by Dr. Shepherd and Brooks; Karev continues to protect Jo the best way he knows how. Matthew, using a flash-mob technique, proposes to Kepner--who for the most part has been kept out of the OR--and she enthusiastically accepts. Cristina continues working on Ethan’s father’s case, and miraculously his father wakes up after 8 weeks in a coma. Owen, who had high hopes of adopting/fostering Ethan, becomes more than sad when he hears the news and sees his dreams start to fall apart. Dr. Bailey, who is back (sort of), does clerical work to keep her busy until she decides, with some probing from Dr. Webber, that she and Ross are ready to scrub in. Meredith gets kicked out of the OR because she’s pregnant, and while roaming the hospital, she falls down the stairs and has a pregnancy scare. Avery, Arizona, and Dr. Boswell team up to do surgery on the baby boy whose brain is outside his skull. Unbeknownst to Callie, Arizona and Dr. Boswell take things to the next level in an on-call room. Meredith gets checked to make sure everything is fine with McBaby, and it is, but her water breaks soon after the hospital experiences a power outage.

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