Callie & Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy) – Season 9, Episode 14 (Part 2)

From: CalliopeRobbins

After the ER closes, Dr. Cahill suggests that they find a photogenic doctor to be 'the face of the hospital', with Alex and Jackson the prime candidates. April goes on a date with Matthew during one of his rides and they come upon a hit-and-run child, and ask Avery to help them operate despite Seattle Grace's closed trauma center. They are almost caught by Cahill and her potential buyers, saved only by Meredith's inability to operate the hospital's new tablet computers. Callie and Dr. Webber go to Portland General, a hopsital their potential buyer owns, and learn discouraging things about their management practices; Alex and Jackson work on a transgender child whose father doesn't want her to become a man. As Dr. Cahill begins to worry that she won't be able to sell the hospital because none of the doctors want to listen to her, Callie proclaims to the plane-crash victims should buy the hospital. Alex begins to question his relationship with Jo, as Meredith tells him that she believes they should go out. Richard considers going into early retirement, and April begins exploring having a relationship with Matthew.