Callie & Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy) – Season 9, Episode 12 – Part 1

From: CalliopeRobbins

The doctors at Seattle Grace- Mercy West are all thrown off, when a financial adviser comes into the hospital to try and find ways to save the hospital money. Meredith tries to deal with having her hormones everywhere, while she tries to save the life of a pregnant woman who is in dire need of a new liver. Arizona, Alex, and Cristina work on a little girl from the Africa program, as they try to save it from being shut down; While Owen tries to help Arizona work with 'phantom leg syndrome' as she begins feeling pain in her leg that is no longer existent. Derek and Jo work on a patient who has a tumor in his brain and have to work to help him move his face in the future; While April tries to teach Morgan how to effectively run the ER. April gets asked out on a date with one of the paramedics, while Meredith is able to get on a plane again when she has to fly to Oregon to get a liver for her patient. At a staff meeting, the financial consultant explains that one of the only ways to help save the hospital from going out of business is to shut down the ER.