Callie & Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy) – Season 9, Episode 11

From: Calliope Robbins

All of the plane crash victims are on edge when the judge comes to decision, meaning that each one of them gets fifteen million dollars each because of the hospitals neglegance; Derek starts playing ping-pong so he'll eventually be able to go back to surgery. Arizona butts heads with Avery when an old patient of Mark's shows up and Jackson doesn't want to do the same procedure Mark wanted to; Callie decides to throw a dinner for her and the rest of the plane crash victims. Dr. Bailey and April work on a set of patients who got hurt when the wife fell on the husband after trying to do a dance on a striper pole; While Catherine comes into town and tries to convince Richard to go to lunch with her because she's worried about him. Jo and Alex begin growing closer, while Owen accidently grabs Jo's boobs thinking it's Cristina; Cristina and Owen begin having sex even though they are divorced. Meredith, Richard and Heather work on a patient who eats her hair instead of arguing with her mother; At Callie's dinner, Meredith tells everyone that she's pregnant, as she can't drink the wine that Callie ordered. At the hospital Owen finds out that the insurance company won't pay the fifteen million x 4 (60 million) dollars for the doctors because of a loop hole in the contract and the hospital paying for it would bankrupt them.