Callie & Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy) – Season 10, Episode 15 (Part 4)

From: CalliopeRobbins

Derek has to tell Callie that they can’t continue with their research because of the guidelines in his contract with his colleagues at the White House. As if that’s not enough, Callie also has to quit treatment on a patient with whom she’s been working with for the past three years, and with the persuasion of Arizona concurs that the patient needs a double amputation if she’s ever going to run or even walk again. The HR complaint that was filed a while back was actually filed by Leah against Callie. Leah felt that she was cheated out of a learning opportunity and needed to stand up for herself and others. This is the final straw for Callie who has another “this-isn’t-working” talk with Arizona. However, this one ends up with Callie going to get Arizona’s wheelies and helping her learn how to skate again, but this time with her prosthetic leg.