Callie & Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy) – Scar Tissue (Trailer)

From: keepthisfire22

This is an AU (alternate universe) trailer keepthisfire22 created for a Callie & Arizona fanfic piece 'Scar Tissue' written by kennedysbitch & livelovelearneg

Summary: When Arizona Robbins’ brother dies in Iraq, her life takes off in a completely different direction. Now a highly-rated trauma surgeon with the United States Marine Corps, she spends the three years following his death serving their country overseas – until an insurgent attack leaves her with debilitating injuries. Traveling to Seattle at her father’s request, she falls under the care of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Calliope Torres. Damaged emotionally and physically, Arizona tries to start the healing process with the help of a headstrong woman she never saw coming.