Bo & Lauren (Lost Girl) – Season 3, Episode 6 (Part 2)

From: Screami Silen

The false Kenzi convinces the others to imprison Bo in the Dal Riata. It turns out that the real Kenzi is being held prisoner by a Kitsune who has taken over her life. She did so because the liquid that spilled on Kenzi when she attacked the Norn gave Kenzi the Kitsune’s powers thus making her a copy of Kenzi. Tamsin however uncovers the fake Kenzi and helps Bo to escape and then rescue Kenzi. The Kitsune attacks Dyson and he kills her which allows Lauren to also confirm the deception. Tamsin is told by the Morrigan to wake the Dark Fae who is in a coma to identify Bo as his attacker. Tamsin does wake the Fae who identifies Bo, but does not give The Morrigan this information. Lauren discovers that something is changing Bo’s body and replacing it cell by cell. Trick reveals that Bo is facing The Dawning, which is the evolution of Fae. If Bo fails this test she will become an underFae instead.