Alex & Jess (Baka Bukas) – Tears Of Gold


Baka Bukas: Alex is a 23-year-old lesbian creative who juggles multiple jobs. Her family and friends are aware of her sexual orientation except for her best friend Jess, whom she is secretly in love with. An angry phone call from Alex’s ex-girlfriend reveals the truth and Jess is in disbelief that Alex managed to hide that side of herself from her. After promising that nothing will change between them, Jess starts to entertain the idea of having feelings for Alex. They kiss one night, and eventually begin to explore a romantic relationship with each other.

Being a budding actress who had her big break in the business only recently, Jess has to hide her dating life which Alex struggles with. Jess insists it could still work, but Alex decides that she has to end it. She asks Jess to give her 60 days after their break-up to move on before they can go back to being friends, but Alex is unable to hold up her end of the deal and they do not meet again until more than a year later at their mutual friend’s birthday party.