#TransLesbian Documentary ‘Rising to Authenticity’ – Trailer

From: #TransLesbian Documentary

From the creator

What is this documentary about?
"As a TransLesbian woman, I am dedicated to sharing TransLesbian stories that encourage and inspire.
Some people do not know what it is like to feel right in their own body.
Some people do not know what it is like to be a woman and be attracted to women as a woman.
TransLesbian women have to navigate these two socially stratified issues simultaneously.
This documentary is about rising to authenticity.
This film depicts how TransLesbians produce positive outcomes from challenging and even negative experiences. We are going to show people how we discover ourselves and how we fight to embrace the truth within us. We are going to show people how we transition, how we come out, and how we experience our identities. Somewhere there is a person who is too afraid to live boldly and authentically. This film is for you.
Each day there are TransLesbians who encounter violence such as physical attacks, verbal persecutions, and who contemplate suicide. This is why we do and must support each other, giving ourselves the strength and resilience to rise up, to move towards happiness and become increasingly open to love.
This documentary is about our amazing life journeys."