The Violent Young

From: Caitlin Crommett

'The Violent Young' is a coming-of-age feature film about two women forced to re-examine their lives after a passionate encounter in the middle of nowhere.

Hali is a woman in her mid-twenties struggling to find her place in life after an upbringing that left her alone and empty. She has lost her zest for life and lacks any sort of passion in her daily routine.

When she receives news about the passing of her estranged aunt and the inheritance of her desert home, Hali jumps at the opportunity to get away from the city that has left her drained and hopeless, and spend some time off-the-grid in the Southern California desert.

It is there that she meets Nora, a woman in her late-twenties who similarly fled from her uninspiring small town to spend some time away at her grandfather’s home.

Each with their own troubles to overcome, Hali and Nora form a unique connection that quickly escalates into a bond filled with passion, turmoil, and the courage they need to truly find themselves.

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