The Glass – Seasson 1, Episode 2

From: Acte de Sabotage

First Russian series "The Glass" is about six lesbians who live in Moscow.

”The Glass” breaks the stereotypes of lesbian culture in modern day Russia. Love, friendship, sex, work, drama and comedy ensue...

Aim of the project is to show dynamic cinema-reality and tolerance to gay community.


  • Masha Rotfeld

    I am Russian (raised in Bay Area) and am amazed and quite proud of this series! I hope more people will be able to see it. Since I know Russian, I don’t need the subtitles, but I am pretty sure others will find the small font taking too much effort to follow… If the process isn’t too laborious, I hope something can be done about it. Thanks! 🙂

    • Amanda

      @Masha You can actually do it yourself! Click on the ‘captions’ icon, then click settings, then click the little plus or just click the + sign on your numeric keyboard!

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