The Centre (I’m Still Down Here) – Trailer

From Eddy Ballardi

The first story of The Centre is about the african girl Sanaa, (Lucia Luciano) whose family is very religious and she herself likes going to church. She gets into conflict with her family for loving the punk german girl, Janis(Julia Stenke). Sanaa wants to be with Janis, but she also wants to be with her family and because she feels she can't deal with it alone, she decides to seek help at The Centre.

The Centre is a scripted series, written for the web. It evolves around an african woman, Leoni, now living in Berlin, trying to run the Centre, a place for african women and girls to go to get advice in violence, abuse, and other problems they won't discuss openly at home. Sometimes other foreign women find their way to The Centre.

Most of this Leoni does without any help from the authorities, no money, just with some connections she has, which lands her in trouble with German Burocracy who has someone appointed to make sure that paperwork gets done, the german way.

Leoni tries and avoid this at all cost, what comes first to her is helping the women who come to the Centre.


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