T11 Incomplete

Kate Murphy, a recovering alcoholic and home health aide, struggles to rebuild her broken life only to fall apart again when she falls in love with Laura, her young paraplegic patient.

Director’s Statement:

T11 Incomplete refers to an “incomplete” cut of the eleventh vertebrae of the spine causing paraplegia. An “incomplete” paraplegic still has a certain feeling, he is not completely numb.

That was the starting point for writing the story of the film because we, collectively as human beings, are all “incomplete”. Through the battles of life, we have all had our “T11” either metaphorically or literally; be it due to failure, illness, addiction, divorce, death, abandonment or like Laura in the film, a literal cut of the spine. Each of us has had a “cut” that has stopped us in our tracks, damaging us and changing us forever.

And yet as human beings, it is the essence of our spirit that allows us to have hope. To open our eyes and get up; to overcome our pain so that we can feel again, love again and continue another day. We are not numb Yes, we are all “incomplete” but in the best possible way.

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