Susan Surftone – Out Of My Dreams

Former FBI agent turned surf-guitarist/singer/songwriter, Susan Surftone is releasing the new music video for her song “Out of my Dreams”, on October 4, 2017.

Directed by award-winning out filmmaker Rolla Selbak, the creative force behind the internationally acclaimed feature film “Three Veils” and the hugely popular webseries “Kiss Her I’m Famous”, the video recounts the story about two people who can’t connect. There is desire but one is held back by something unexplained. The other may be tiring of what appears to be game playing. We see at the conclusion that something much more serious is preventing the two from a relationship.

The music video will released on Youtube at:
Fans will be able to obtain a copy of Surftone’s “Out of my Dreams” on the “Love Is” compilation due out this fall (October 24) on Bongo Boy Records.
In addition, Episode 11 of Bongo Boy TV is scheduled to start airing on October 15th and it includes the “Out Of My Dreams” video…60 stations across the US and counting.

From her FBI years to the time she spent as an Attorney for the NYPD assigned to the Tactical Narcotics Team in Harlem, and her prolific career as a surf guitarist, the out artist has a lot to say and is never afraid to say it. Having endured more than her fair share of misogyny and discrimination, she epitomizes the definition of women empowerment.

She continues to break barriers and be an influential trailblazing voice in the LGBTQ community. Using her “Out of My Dreams” music video as a vessel to challenge the status quo, Surftone continues to push the envelope forward for LGBTQ perceptibility in music.

“The video and the song, Out Of My Dreams is based on, as most of my work is, personal experience” says Surftone. “It’s about barriers to exploring a potentially happy same sex relationship that exist internally within one “partner”. Often these barriers are caused by others and by misconceptions about what it means to be in a same sex relationship. As is often the case these issues are not discussed leaving a lot of hurt and disappointment for both.”

Throughout it all, this queer musician has always been fearless – never withering away from her goals. Today, Susan Surftone is using a lifetime of lessons and musical talent to encourage other queer young women to sing out loud and strong.