Summer of Mesa

SUMMER OF MESA, the new film by Josh Cox, is about a precocious girl named Lily (Molly Miles) who befriends an enigmatic girl her age named Mesa (Andrea Granera). Through their shared time biking the quaint land and exploring the depths of their true selves; they unearth powerful feelings for each other, only to be ripped away by the natural enemy of time.

The film is based upon Cox’s 2018 release, the LGBTQ+ short film titled TOUCH ME NOT:…

Cast & Crew:
Josh Cox (writer/director) –…
Molly Miles (Lily Peony) –
Andrea Granera (Mesa) –

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The film was shot in 6 days on Cape Cod in June 2019 with a budget of only 400 USD. Cox (20 years-old) casted from a mix of non-actors and professional actors that he based off conversations, which let him determine if their energy would be a good fit with the rest of the cast—there was no audition. Much of the dialogue was improvised, which Cox encouraged, for a level of authenticity between the actors who had all just met each other before the shoot.