Stud Life (Now Available on OML+)

From: WolfeVideo

You can watch the film right here on OML+! A post-modern LGBT She's Gotta Have It for the YouTube generation! This exciting feature debut from veteran British TV director Campbell X unfolds a terrifically entertaining look at the lives and loves of black butch lesbian JJ (charismatic British star T'nia Miller) and her white gay best friend Seb (Kyle Treslove).

Wedding photographers by day, the dynamic duo navigate London queer street life all the while looking for love. But when JJ falls for femme diva Elle (the beautiful Robyn Kerr), JJ and Seb's friendship is tested for the first time as JJ has to choose between spending more time with her hot new lover and being loyal to her best friend. Stud Life is a provocative, edgy, colorful and sexy British film that takes on gender, sexuality and urban street life as it also portrays a wonderful tale of love and friendship.