Soul Sessions – Promo

Wow friends, here we are, at a place in time none of us ever expected to be. The entire world feels crazy and surreal and we’re all stuck inside trying to figure out this new normal, with no idea of what’s around the corner. It’s our collective responsibility to rise up and support each other during these very challenging times and this exclusive series is our way of doing so.

Soul Sessions with Nikki Caster is an inspirational new series created for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. Produced by filmmaker Marina Rice Bader, Soul Sessions is a project born out of love as professionals and artists donate their time and effort to give back and help those struggling to cope with the isolation, fear and anxiety we’re all feeling during this unprecedented moment in time.

The premiere episode will release here, on the OML YouTube platform, this Wednesday, March 25. Each 15-minute show, released over the next few weeks, will focus on a different topic that is relevant to what we’re all going through, keeping us more grounded, peaceful and present, feeling better from the inside out. Viewers will be encouraged to leave comments, with Nikki and Marina engaging to create a real sense of community.



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