Sophie Mercer – Living with Depression; My Story

From: Sophie Mercer

Depression and Anxiety is a disease just like any other, its dangerous and life threatening. This is Sophie's story from the early stages of her depression to the life sucking destructive void it has become now. Sophie's story follows events in her life that have goaded her D&A, how its effected her life, how she deals with things. She's finally telling mer story in hopes that someone will see it and know they don't have to let it get this far, there are ways and there is a way out. She will help you and you're not alone. We need to start standing up to mental illness its taken far to many of us. "we change the world by helping the person next to us" that's exactly what we need to start doing helping each other.

Sophie Mercer is an out actress that played Alice, one half of the beautiful couple Alice and Christina, from the television series 'River City'