Skin Deep – Trailer

From: Lesbian Lips

Leah and Caitlin are par excellence a strange couple. Leah is strict and conservative. Caitlin is a complicated soul who loves music, books, poetry and alcohol.

Leah has been performing a non-traditional treatment in Sydney for her terminal melanoma. During one of her hopeful trips to the doctor's office, Leah finds herself stranded in Sydney, after her boyfriend forgot to pick her up. Wandering aimlessly, Leah meets Caitlin, a lesbian woman who seems willing to teach Leah how to enjoy life.

The two young women spend a day together and Leah reveals that they have given her two months of life; A fact that he refuses to accept. Shocked and furious, Leah has no "wish list". Caitlin wounded after losing his girlfriend, insists on a drunken adventure through Sydney. As the night progresses, Caitlin's need to find a friend becomes apparent. Without even recovering from a tumultuous breakup, Caitlin drowns her sorrows in wine.

The night will reveal secrets and the two young women begin to come to terms with the lies they have been telling themselves.