Singstress – History (feat. Sharon Ferris)

From: Sharon Ferris

Note from Author: My inspiration for this song has been the change of rules of gay marriage all over the world, from my home town of Scotland to Newtown, London and Canada. And watching various celebrities supporting us help the cause for gay marriage

The motto of the song is to make History all over the world by making gay marriage legal!

It all started with Mardi Gras when my partner and I fell in love with #rainbowcrossing and realized how important it was for our community. Susan, my partner took it on board to save the crossing. This inspired the conception of the song when Ellen and Portia visited Australia, they were so welcomed as an openly gay couple, Ellen is such an icon for the gay community. Everyone fell in love with her it inspired me to look at how popular culture and celebrities push gay rights forward.

From Lady Gaga openly supporting gay marriage, Pink being Bisexual , Kylie always being a strong advocate for gay rights, this song embodies the ongoing trend of celebs helping to make the gay everyday.

I had to include my lifetime heroine Kylie, she has inspired me all my life.