Sacred Country – Feature Film (Crowdfunding Video)

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Mary is not like other girls. Mary is a boy. The only thing is, it's a secret...

It's 1952 and as Mary stands in the snow, with her family in a field as they mourn the death of King George VI, she is wondering "I am not Mary. That is a mistake. I am not a girl. I am a boy."

Mary’s life weaves through several complex relationships in a small countryside setting, taking in the wider cinematic picture of post war Britain and the social progress that came with it as a back drop. Where the concept of family, tradition and loyalty slowly became obsolete and unnecessary when a new generation began to pursue their dreams and live them, with or without familial approval and the call of duty that comes with it. Mary finding solace, refuge and guiding lights with her eccentric grandfather, Cord and old-fashioned Edward Harker, the bat maker and pseudo maternal school teacher Miss McRae.

Sweeping through three decades, from the repressive English countryside of the nineteen-fifties to London of the swinging sixties and seventies America, this story follows Mary's fight to become Martin.