Raven’s Touch Introduces Kate

From: SoulKissFilms

Soul Kiss Films is thrilled to announce that we have found our KATE to play opposite Dreya Weber in the new women's film "Raven's Touch". Just imagine how hot the woods are going to get come July!

Raven (Rae) Michaels is searching for peace in the deep of Paradise Woods. Following a harrowing chain of events, these eight months of solitude have provided Rae the ability to finally clear her mind and body, to sleep free of the intrusive nightmares, and wake each morning with the desire to keep on living.

Kate Royce has been pushed to her limit. A single mother of two teens, the moment has finally come, and Kate knows she must make a radical decision or lose the battle forever. She is going to fight for her kids and put their family back together the only way she knows how.

When Rae and Kate unexpectedly collide sparks certainly do fly, just not the kind one hopes for. Kate and kids plop themselves down smack in the middle of Rae’s world, and her life of calm and clarity is tossed upside down, sending her into an emotional tailspin.

As Rae and Kate navigate the choppy waters, they have no idea that soon they will come to depend on each other as the unthinkable happens, and Rae is propelled back into the very situation that brought her to Paradise Woods to begin with.