Once You Leave – Web Comic – Episode 1.00 – before I come home to you

From: Once You Leave

"I'm really gonna miss this place..."

After a 27 month stay in Niger (for the Peace Corp), Kayla heads home to Texas. She says goodbye to her African friends and then boards the plane. The quiet hum of the airplane cabin sends Kayla into a slumber. She dreams of haunting images from the past and a foreshadowing of the future. She wakes to a city she no longer knows but remains hopeful for her only plan, Rachel...

> episode 1.00 is a one-issue comic book presented as a MOTION COMIC, INTERACTIVE WEB COMIC and a DIGITAL COMIC and is a prequel to the Once You Leave series (go to the comic). Illustrated by Karla Moya (visit Karla's site: http://KarlaMoya-NoBiscuits.blogspot.com)