Once You Leave – Episode 1.05 – Tunde et le feu

From: For Now Productions

“Why are you here, Kayla?”

A storm hits, interrupting Kayla's journey. She decides to wait itout by holding up in the back of her (mom's) car. Boredom soon setsin so Kayla decides to dig into her past. She watches video from hertime in the Peace Corp with her pal Tunde. But Tunde's light-hearteddemeanor soon turns dark as he vents his frustrations and worries.This doesn't help Kayla's sullen mood, for Tunde turns the camera andspotlight on her causing her to come clean with her feelings. Fromthe banter back-and-forth with Tunde in the video, Kayla remembers thelink she found on Jon-Michael's page. A link to a blog...