Once You Leave – Ep 1.03 – Saturn Return

From: For Now Productions

“This is your journey.”

Kayla wakes in Rachel's room, in Rachel's bed. She stares deeply at a picture of Rachel but Rachel is dead. Hopeless and alone Kayla contemplates her next move. All seems lost... but then comes Awenasa, a Native American Indian drifter. They disappear into the woods together. Intoxicated by the dancing flame and Awenasa’s psychotropics, Kayla begins her transformation.


  • Dee Dee

    this show is kinda …. weird. So basically she thought that Rachel girl was her home and now that she’s dead … she’s going to look for …. other place or person that feels lyk home ?! And that that other girl, the hitch-hiker … didnt get what was her part.

  • Nate Locklear

    @ Dee Dee- it’s a little more complicated than Kayla just thinking Rachel was her home and you will find out more over the course of the series but Rachel was someone special that Kayla thought she could spend her life with (even just as friends). Now that she’s gone… Now what? It really touches on this subject in episode 1.04. Kayla has big plans they change so she tries to create new plans but they change as well. And the hitch-hiker, Awenasa (look up the name’s meaning- it’s a Native America Indian name) is a catalyst for Kayla’s journey. She opens the path and in some ways saves Kayla. Otherwise Kayla would be completely lost. When returning from the Peace Corp people often have a hard time acclimating back to society that is so far removed from “third-world” countries. Awenasa functions as a commentary on this society but she’s also representative of Rachel and Kayla and a few other things. And the root level she is just an interesting character Kayla meets while on the road. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching!!