Martine & Giulia (Trauma) – Part 1

From: mustream

Trauma follows the evolution of Julie Lemieux, Chief of Trauma, as well as the head of psychiatry, Antoine Légaré, and meanders through the personal and professional world of physicians. In the fourth season, a new generation of residents arrived, including an Italian neurosurgeon, Dr. Giulia Amaro (Cristina Rosato), a cheeky know-it-all who wins over most folks with her confidence and inclination to make bold choices. She is also undeniably sexy and, lucky for us, a lesbian. In her first season, the show’s fourth, she kept her personal life personal but Season 5 finds the character opening up.

Giulia’s girlfriend, Dr. Martine Laliberte (Madeleine Peloquin), is one of the only to put up with her nonsense and notes that she is more comfortable in her sexuality than Guilia.