Love & Suicide – Trailer

From Spiral Pictures

Note from the creator: I, like many other independent filmmakers, have been taken advantage of by a distribution company. I was trapped in a 20 year contract that gave them full rights to my movie and they made all the money. It is sad but it has happened to almost every filmmaker I know. I complained so much and was such a royal pain in their ass that after 10 years they finally gave me a termination agreement. I was thrilled! Finally after 10 years of everyone but me making money off of my movie I was going to get it back. Now I can do what I want to do with it and I will be the one who benefits. So I am choosing to self distribute so that no one can ever take my rights away and I can give my movie the attention it deserves. It is a lot of work but I am up for the task and sm determined more than ever to make it work.

Synopsis of the movie: >br /> Love & Suicide is an independent movie based on a true story about a high school love affair between two girls, Kaye (Stella Johnson) and Emily (Sarah Reardon). Their instant friendship turns to passion and problems arise when rumors start to spread and fellow students begin to tease. Kaye's religious mother tries to interject when she suspects the friendship is developing in a "sinful" direction which leads to tragic consequences.