Let’s Do It Together – Season 1, Ep 1 – Entrances and Exits

From: Let’s Do It Together

A web series about a lesbian couple, and their journey of falling in and out of love.

Love can be a beautiful thing, but everyone knows it can leave a person changed forever. In this web series we hope to portray the effects a relationship can have on a person, and how this can alter their state of mind in good and bad ways. In doing so we hope to create a relatable story, with strong themes. We all have something we are hiding, we are never alone, and even when our life seems black and white, we can always bounce back and find color again.

Episode Description: Meet Lily Watts, and Nicola Green. A lesbian couple who fell in love, got married, and then...divorced. Lily is a free spirited player, but when she meets Nicola, a religious lesbian in denial, they fall madly in love, but they run into obstacles that ultimately leads to the demise of their once beautiful relationship.

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