LesbiOn – Trailer (new web series)

From: lesbiON

LesbiON is an original Israeli webseries depicting the lives of the funniest lesbians in the Tel Aviv community. The series opens our closet doors and reveals us without filters, flags or rules. In short: what it's like for real.

Come join us and make this show a reality. Together we can break the barriers, the stereotypes and the Internet!

LesbiON is a ten-episode sitcom where Friends meets Girls meets The L Word. Get to know Or, a lesbian who is horrified to find she's attracted to men, and her tight-knit group of friends - including her religious sister, a drag king and her genderqueer best friend.

The webseries was created and is being produced independently, and with a social and cultural vision. It comes from within the community, for the community and all those who stand with us. It brings to life round and authentic female characters everyone can relate to.

LesbiON is packed with stories you haven't heard yet, and invites you into the real life of the community!

If you want to support their project, you can do so by clicking here https://www.headstart.co.il/project.aspx?id=20610&lan=en-US