Lesbian Stereotypes | Bring Back The L Word

From: Bring The L Word Back

Note from the creators:

First of all, The L Word was not just another TV show. These girls were our family. For some, the only lesbian friends they had. They were role models, giving hope to girls who struggled with their sexuality and who they are. For others, they were the only form of support. The L Word represented the lesbian community and opened the eyes of many - Gay and straight. It portrayed lesbians as people; with different styles, personalities, careers, relationships, friendships, challenges, tragedies, triumphs, dreams, as well as family. (Because there is no cookie-cutter mold of a lesbian, we are unique individual people). There is no show like it! And right now, there's nothing representing the lesbian community.

The rise and success of Netflix has lead to the resurrection of shows like Arrested Development. The fans made themselves heard and revealed an already existing/strong audience. Their success proved the power of fans. We can do the same!

The seasons of L Word are already available on Netflix. They just saw huge success with Orange is the New Black and Arrested Development being resurrected.