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  • Elizabeth Mazzone

    I was were you are at now, 30 years ago. It is hard and scary, but for your own self respect you need to come out. You will never know how your family really feels about you because they don’t know the real you. All you know at this point is that they like a shell of who you are. They might be confused at first, *except your mother, I think she knowes), but be calm, be who you are, be not afraid and they will get to know the “real” you. If they pitch a fit and cut you off, what have you really lost. Relationships that would stiffle the geninue you. You don’t need that.

    “Girly” Girls, God Bless you. Who would we more “butch” women have to love. Don’t worry what others have to say. Just keep being who you are comfortable with. Eventually, things will change. If you want a role model, look up Jessica Clark. Not justthe roles she plays but the interviews she does. WOW.

    Thanks for being brave enough to come and talk to us. Betsy