Laura & Esra (Malaika) – Episode 31 – Part 4

From: ameliefan05

In their search for one of the other residents Esra and Laura becoming trapped 'in the closet' together and things escalate.


Laura: You beeped me?
Albert: There's someone walking around that doesn't belong here.
Laura: What do you mean?
Albert: I'm not sure, I was sleeping, but I heard someone rummaging through a cupboard. At first I thought I was dreaming but then I saw a shadow walking out the door.
Laura: And now you want me to get Esra?
Albert: No! I'm being serious. There's a burglar in here.
Laura: Don't worry, everything's locked here and we have a really advanced safety...
Albert: Listen!
Laura: Hello?
Esra: Laura!
Laura: Esra, what are you doing here?
Esra: The reception desk told me that Mrs. Verspronk was wandering around (sleepwalking) and the door was open so I thought she was here.
Laura: I thought you were Mrs. Verspronk, that's why I came in to have a look. Well, she can't do any harm inside and she can't go outside.
Esra: Yeah.
Esra: The door.
Shit! The door is locked!
Laura: They don't expect you to lock yourself in in here.
Esra: No... ... What? Laura: Mr. Verberk got what he wanted... Look at us, standing here in a broom cupboard together.
Esra: It's not a broom cupboard, it's a storage room.
Laura: Oh, that makes such a big difference. Well, here we can't beat around the bush anymore...
Esra: Yeah, okay, uhm, I'm not that good at relationships. I don't open myself up that easily, but when I do, I go all for it. Completely. Sometimes I...
Laura: I wouldn't want it any other way.