Invite Only (Short Film)

Invite Only: When a seductive stranger shows up at your doorstep, on what you’re planning to be your last night on earth, should you let them in?…

Our heroine, Lucille, sits alone in her room, reading. She has a lonely look to her. When Rowan comes knocking at her door, she is suspicious, to say the least. Yet there is something alluring about her. As she works her way into Lucille’s room, serpentine-like, she slowly casts a spell on her. When Rowan is revealed to be of the ‘vampiric’ persuasion, it is too late for Lucille. She takes her mortal life from her, in a culmination of eroticism and hypnotism – and Lucille seems resigned to this fact. However, the next morning, she has quite a surprise for Rowan.
…But their story is just getting started.

Copyright: Parched Productions, 2019.


Remiara Eve
Kate Brandenburg
& Alexis Abrams

Written & Directed by Joe Leone