Hot Tub Talk with Mary Jane Wells

Mary Jane trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She first came to the US to the Mark Taper with the French classic, THE RED BALLOON. She returned later that year with a solo show, MARTHA for the Annenberg Centre, toured to the Kennedy Center and the New Victory on Broadway, and the International showcase in Philadelphia where she won the Victor Award. She worked as a series recurring on the BBC’s HALF MOON INVESTIGATES and narrated BBC3’s six-part series, MY CHILDHOOD. Her prior visit to the US was courtesy of the Smithsonian with CUCHULAIN, THE HOUND OF ULSTER. She was then invited to join the rep company in Honolulu for a year, playing Aerial in THE LITTLE MERMAID. Since then, she has been shooting, writing and lending her voice to productions in London and Los Angeles, and has appeared in three FilmMcQueen features, ELENA UNDONE, METH HEAD, and CB (unbelievably FB won’t let me say the name of my own movie). She currently can be heard working for DreamWorks Animation in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2, voice matching and singing for Cate Blanchett, voicing the DOWNTON ABBEY audiobooks, and working on her own show, HEROINE THE PLAY, More details at

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