Holding Hands With Strangers (promo)

From: Tim Porter

Have you ever considered the trouble with bisexual women? Forever associated with two stereotypes; A. The experimental phase; bisexual women are trying to get attention from men by dating women, going through a phase but eventually ending up in the arms of a man. Or B. The not yet out of the closet phase; Bisexuals who are really lesbians too afraid to fully accept themselves.

Fed up of the negative stereotypical bisexual characters represented in media today, Holding Hands with Strangers will explore the genuine connection between Sofia and her two love interests. Feeling drawn to both Erin and Dave, regardless of their gender. We will distance ourselves from the heavily sexual yet stereotypical content which we can see in television shows today such as the popular BBC show Lip Service, where the focus lies to bring in a large number of ratings. Yet Holding Hands with Strangers will not shy away from portraying a natural and passionate visual of intimacy. No more troubled, mentally disturbed, dark, confused, self-conflicted characters, for once we’d like to see every day people, like you and I experiencing the beginnings of what could be love and all the natural doubts, fears and insecurities that present itself when taking those first few steps to the potential of new love. We will aim to portray two intertwined connections which are honest and true, for you the audience to decide on the eventual outcome.


Holding Hands With Strangers tells the story of Sofia who is faced with the decision of the repercussions of her brief yet unforgettable encounter she experienced with Erin, an American. Separated by distance and lack of communication, will she be able to let go of their undeniable connection and take a chance, as new opportunities for love arise?

We will demonstrate a compelling love story by capturing the innocence, naivety and beauty of first encounters relate-able to most people, regardless of sexual preference. Holding Hands With Strangers is directed by Rahma Marzak and produced/edited by: Tim Porter (Joshua, Juggling and the upcoming feature film 'Eileen').

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