Helen and Charlotte (Monsoon)

From: blackkitty479

OK, so the reason I made this is because there are so many that were shocked by Monsoon and even decided to stop watching Sanctuary because of the ending of said episode. So basically this is to show my support to the ones at Sanctuary and to say that many fans, including me, will support them no matter what and that we actually liked Monsoon. Yes, I liked it. Actually, I loved it. So sue me. Never let it be said that I want Charlotte to become a regular or to actually hook up with Helen. But the reason I don't want this to happen is not that "they're both girls and that this whole gay thing has become too often in TV-shows", but that I am a Teslenite to the core and I simply don't see Helen with anyone but Nikola. That being said, if I were Helen, I'd take Charlotte over the other guys (except Nikola, of course) in my life anytime. To quote Amanda, at least she doesn't kill a lot of women.

So yeah, I think I'll end my rant here. The point is, if you want to stop watching Sanctuary/are angry with the show because of just ONE kiss that will NEVER happen again (they said it was a one-off), fine. Your choice. But let us not forget that not all fans think the same.