Golden Salt – Perfect

From Golden Salt:

After the great success of Perfect by Ed Sheeran, many people have asked us to create an instrumental cover version with our violin and electric guitar duo. Although the Golden Salt music project is more rock-based, given the many requests to play Perfect – Ed Sheeran, we started to think about how to represent such a popular song by customizing it with something of our own in the musical interpretation.
On YouTube, in fact, there are already – and always are in addition – many Perfect violin covers. Some of that violin covers are from professional musicians (some of them are really beautiful and inspired, see 2Cellos, Taylor Davis, Andre Soueid), other are from amateurs who put the their heart and their passion in learning a new song on the violin. Moreover, there are already special and experimental covers of Perfect, such as covers with the electric guitar or electric violin solo, or rock covers inspired by the songs of Ed Sheeran and other pop authors. The problem that arose was therefore this: given the popularity of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect covers, how can we succeed in making our own customized and original instrumental version with our guitar and violin duo?

The answer was double in the end.


From the musical point of view, we have chosen the maximum simplicity, creating a cover of Perfect almost totally acoustic with the simple sounds of classical violin and electric guitar, but making rock and rhythm the refrain using the rock distortion in the electric guitar combined, always, to the classical violin (dancing in the dark, you between my arms …).

From the point of view of the music video (and this is what really gave us the maximum inspiration in this project) we chose to tell a LGBT love story. In fact, the original video by Perfect by Ed Sheeran tells an absolutely simple and universal love story. This is why we decided to make this story even more explicitly universal, telling the love story between two girls.
Our duo, Golden Salt, imagined together with Videopro24, the most romantic and sweet story possible: a girl who is alone and bored at home when she receives a mysterious gift. This is the first of a series of clues to a real romantic treasure hunt of modern times sprinkled with rose petals and organized by a mysterious suitor. While in a square in the historic center of an Italian city two street artists (a violinist and an electric guitarist 😉) play an instrumental cover of Perfect, the girl who received the gift is guided by clues in different places full of meaning: the video by Charlie Chaplin leads her to a mural, where a letter tells her to go to a bar, where a cappuccino depicting a painter’s palette tells her to go to a street painter, who gives a drawing that she has ready for her, on the back of which are depicted a violin and an electric guitar. The girl approaches the place where she hears playing a musical duo of street. A violin girl and a guitar girl are playing a cover of Perfect, by Ed Sheeran. She start to listen to the duo when her girlfriend compares behind her. Her girlfiriend is the one who is waiting for her, the one who organized the treasure hunt for his beloved. The girls meet, rejoin and kiss each other in the crowd, the tears and smiles of all those who love each other on their faces.

Anyone who has found his love has the right to be happy. Unfortunately, many LGBT people are still persecuted today because of their love.

Golden Salt duo supports LGBT rights!