Girls Don’t Fight – Minisode – Meet The Girl Who Hates Herself

From: Girlsdontfightseries

Meet Brenda Lively, a strong willed, perky closet lesbian in Girls Don't Fight: The Series

GDF is a web series about 16 year-old lesbian, Starlaina Hallows who decides to deal with the sudden death of her girlfriend by joining an underground female street fighting organization headed by high school princess, Jessica Mooney.

Starlaina attends Taymoore School of Prefoming Arts with three of her best friends, Siobhan a gorgeous unapologetic lesbian, Brenda a perky, perfectionist, and Devin a mysterious androgynous girl undergoing a life changing transition.

Together Starlaina, Devin, Siobhan, and Brenda do their best to survive the initiation process that is their high school system. This is the story of how far a person will go to attain solace from losing someone they loved...and how in doing so they lose themselves in the process.