Girl on Girl: an original documentary – Trailer

From: Jodi Savitz

From the film maker:

Girl On Girl has evolved out of my own life experiences as a lesbian with a feminine gender presentation. By following similarly feminine women, the film paints full and intricate portraits of lesbians who are overlooked in their personal struggle to both find and maintain their identities as lesbians due to cultural ideologies surrounding womanhood, lesbian identity, and the butch-femme aesthetic that stereotype femme-lesbian sexuality as frivolous, unsubstantiated, and synonymous with bisexuality. Ultimately, these are women who must defend their sexuality over and over again to a critical and skeptical world.

I believe that this project is not only unique in its subject matter, but is particularly relevant in view of the LGBTQ community’s continued struggle for equal rights. It seems to closely relate to the purpose and goals of the community by creating visibility and empowering the diverse voices of lesbians, one of the most underrepresented minorities.

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