Creeps (A darkly comedic feature by Guinevere Turner)

From Creeps the Movie

Creeps is a movie that follows the highs and lows of Mona and Freddy, two best friends who decide to quit drinking and doing drugs for a week so they can have great skin for a party. Mona has recently found out that her ex-girlfriend has become a successful artist and is having a big art opening in a weeks' time. Of course they MUST attend, look fabulous and have the sexiest arm candy in sight. They sadly agree that the only real way to accomplish this is to form a pact: 7 days of sobriety. By the time they make it to the opening, they aren’t speaking, they’ve barely slept, and disaster ensues.

Guinevere Turner is an out lesbian writer, director, producer, actress and starred in films and series such as The L Word, Itty Bitty Titty Committee and Go Fish

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