Created Equal

From: Modi Frank

"Created Equal" The Cheryl Summerville Story won 1st Place at The Vermont Film Festival.

This award winning short film is about Cheryl Summerville focusing on her job termination at Cracker Barrel resturant because of their anti-gay policy. This film created by the ACLU & Modivation Films, dramatizes the plight of a woman who has been fired because of her sexual orientation. Cheryl Summerville was a Cracker Barrel cook for nearly four years,. She was handed a termination notice that read: "This employee is being terminated due to violation of company policy. The employee is gay." This short is a powerful look at why discrmination in the work place is wrong. "This is a classic example of why we need some kind of Federal protection against this kind of discrimination," said William B. Rubenstein, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's National Lesbian and Gay Rights Project. " Produced By Merrill Ward & directed by Modi for Modivation Films.