Can’t Breathe; Random Lesbian Couples (Unite 9, She4Me, Nikki & Nora, etc)

From: jussie adel

Clips are from: Ambrosia, House of Lies (series), Black Sails (series), Las Trampas del Deseo (series), Dracula (series), The Crew, Last Tango In Halifax (se.

Clips from: Desconocido (short), The Penny Dreadful Picture Show, Eternal, Liquorice, Samirubilla, Paraisos Artificias Song: Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey *.

Clips from: Starting From Now (web series), Submerge, Em Familia (tv series), Those Happy Days, We Own The Night, The Foster's, Lost Girl, Not For Love (musi.

Clips from: Romanticos (music video), The Good Wife, Like Father Like Daughter, Misfits, Em Familia, Practical Things, Latch (music video), Orphan Black, Hem.