Camp Belvidere – Trailer

From: Recluse Films

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Camp Belvidere is lesbian romance set in the late 1950′s. The story follows Rose (Molly Way); a bold and vibrant young woman and leader at Camp Belvidere, who over the years has developed an unlikely friendship with Gin (Astrid Ovalles), the Camp Nurse.

The story is set in motion on a hot summer day, at Gin’s Cabin, when Rose displays romantic interest toward Gin; setting the woman on a roller-coaster of inner conflict and doubt. Gin battles her attraction to the girl, while struggling with the implications of Rose’s future as lesbian in the 1950′s.

Gin tries to steer the young woman away from lesbianism, and in the process reconnects with the vulnerability and passionate feelings that she had stonewalled from the world and from herself. At the same time, Rose’s youth, optimism, and willingness to risk all for truth, challenge Gin’s beliefs. Rose is consumed by the powerful drive of having discovered her feelings for Gin and bulldozes through obstacles in order to gain Gin’s affection and approval.


  • Calisky3

    I loved Astrid Ovalles acting. She was into the character and was into her scenes. When I watch lesbian movies one important key element is how the characters are portrayed and if their passions and feelings are coming across as they should. Ms Ovailes did a great job at that, but I think they could have gotten her a more involved co-star. Otherwise the short film was lovely.

  • DeliaP

    I don’t see this film winning any awards it ran completely off its
    course from the screenplay itself ms Ovalles needs to continue her
    acting classes and her writing classes. Sorry but I just don’t see this
    going anywhere low budget cheap acting and my question is “who did the
    PR for this short story? Forget about it don’t bother spend the $3.99
    elsewhere. Bad script bad acting! Absolute junk.