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  • timelordhearts26

    She’s in India – I’m here in the US. After 8 months talking as friends, I discovered I had feelings for her. Shew waited for me through 2 difficult relationships, including one where I got back with my ex. I want to marry her, but we still don’t yet know if she will be able to come out to her family and leave it all behind to come here. It’s hard but when I look at how far we’ve come, and how she loves me more than any of the girls before (who all cheated and left) it is SO worth it to me. She gives me the emotional support and unconditional love I needed all these years, and she always tries to understand. She’s very levelheaded typically and I’m pretty scatterbrained so she evens me out. When each of us gets discouraged, the other one is able to be strong for them. We take turns in everything and try to stay connected as best we can. 🙂 She is the first girl to ever say she loved me, and I know she means it. That’s HUGE to me, and gives me the resolve to wait forever if I need to. She has been a rock for me through finding out my son is autistic, through illness and injury, and I want to marry her one day – and for once, the person I’m with would like that too, instead of making excuses. She has made me a better person