Bo & Lauren (Lost Girl) – Season 4, Episode 3 (Part 1)

From: Fae nonymous

After jumping off the train Bo finds herself back on earth where she discovers a house in the woods. At first, it seems like the father is abusive and Bo tried to help the daughter escape, but it becomes quickly apparent that the family is being haunted by a “body jumper” fae. Bo is too late to figure it out and the daughter is possessed. Soon, Dyson and the elemental come to help and in a combined effort they bring peace to the unrestful soul. In exchange for Bo’s help, the body jumper tells her of the elemental fae’s treachery and she and Dyson are ready when her betrayal surfaces. At the same time, as things start heating up between Lauren and her fellow waitress, she discovers that she is no longer safe and needs to leave town right away. Everything seems to go smoothly until a final plot twist where the waitress betrays Lauren by bringing her attacker to her.